Jacaranda House

The Jacaranda House, nestled in the tranquil enclave of Bishopscourt, underwent a captivating metamorphosis, seamlessly melding tradition with contemporary allure, thanks to the masterful touch of Alan Dawson Gardens and the passionate and conservation-minded homeowner.

This venerable family abode shed its former skin to embrace a newfound splendor. The landscape transformation reads like a tale of boundless creativity and meticulous craftsmanship: a dry riverbed meandering gracefully, a fireside haven beckoning under the night sky, steadfast retaining walls embracing the terrain, and eco-ponds whispering serenity. The grandeur unfolds further with a resplendent driveway, the removal of a timeworn pool house, and the emergence of sleek new balustrades. The very ground seems to breathe with innovation as parking grass blocks lend an eco-conscious twist. But the story’s pi├Ęce de resistance is a 400-meter winding path that invites exploration, unveiling the soft embrace of thoughtfully curated greenery.

The symphony of elements orchestrated by Alan Dawson Gardens is a testament to their mastery, crafting a landscape that resonates with both the echoes of history and the aspirations of a vibrant future.


SALI Gold Award - 2023 - Landscape Design & Construction
SALI Gold Award - 2023 - Specialised Landscape Construction

We would like to give thanks to the following companies for their collaboration on this project.

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APJ Stonework
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Water in Motion
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BDK Paving

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