Erinvale Country Hotel

The Erinvale Country Hotel, a gem nestled in the heart of Somerset West, underwent a remarkable transformation under the skillful guidance of Alan Dawson Gardens.

What was once a simple expanse of lawn and unadorned brick paving has blossomed into a symphony of rejuvenated splendor. The transformation reads like a testament to horticultural artistry and urban planning acumen: cobbled walkways meandering gracefully, newly paved roads and parking areas creating a harmonious flow, and the gentle murmur of water features bestowing a tranquil ambiance. Soft landscaping, the heartbeat of any verdant oasis, came alive with meticulous care and precision, highlighted by the graceful embrace of vine plantings.

The crowning jewel lies in the in-house design expertise of Alan Dawson Gardens, where imagination met expertise to orchestrate this grand symphony of renewal.

The Erinvale Country Hotel stands reborn, a testament to the magical fusion of vision, craftsmanship, and the transformative power of landscape design


SALI Gold Award - 2023
Environmental Landscapes Work
SALI Merit Award - 2023
Landscape Design and Construction

We would like to give thanks to the following companies for their collaboration on this project.

Progressive Paving
Chaz Price Irrigation
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Krige Tree Services

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